Our Plantable Seed Paper



We are the first company to create a botanical seed paper that is embedded with a variety of all edible wildflower & herb seeds. 

Our paper includes  - Bush Basil (ocimum basilicum), Oregano (origanum vulgare), Dill (anethum graveolens), Coriander (coriandrum sativum), a variety of French Marigold (tagetes patula), Chamoline (matricaria recutita), Marigold Pot (calendula), Rudbeckia Purperea (echinacea), Forget Me Not (Myosotis), Viper Bugloss (echium vulgare), Nigella Persian Jewels (nigella damascena), Yarrow (achillea millefolium), Musk Mallow (malva moschata), Betony (stachys officinalis), Dame's Rocket (hesperis matronalis), Cornflowers (centaurea cyanus), Borage (borago officinalis), Sweet William (dianthus barbatus) and Wild Pansy (viola tricolor).

We wanted crank up the joy and sustainability to the next level! 

Grow our seed paper and use fresh ingredients in your seasonal cocktails, desserts, gourmet dishes. You could even try making your own healing balm?

Now that's what we call having your cake and eating it!

Not only will this plantable card bring your loved one joy but once planted, these plants make perfect pollinators; supporting our sweet little bees. That's why we proudly carry the Royal Horticultural Society's (RHS) 'Plants for Pollinators' badge on our products.

 Our beautiful seed paper would never have come into fruition without our amazing and highly skilled UK artisan papermakers.​ Each sheet is handmade with lots of love, ensuring a high germination rate! 

 ​Amazing, right?