Our Story

Founder of Plantiful Paper Company
Founder, Jag
The journey started amongst the chaos of 2020, when I gave birth to my second born and as we were unable to see anyone in person, we received and shared a number of lovely greeting cards throughout the year for special milestones, birthdays, anniversaries and various festivities. Although I love the concept of sharing a card with a loved one, I hated knowing that it will soon end up in the bin. I also found a large percentage of greeting cards sold in our supermarkets and online contained plastic, so they couldn’t be recycled and ultimately ended up in landfill.
After learning about the negative impact on the planet, I set about creating a sustainable product with more than one purpose that could be shared with loved ones. Following of months of research and testing, I launched Plantiful Paper Company in July 2021!
I’m so happy you’re here to join us on this sustainable gifting journey!
Who is Plantiful Paper Company?
Plantiful Paper Company is an eco-conscious brand. We share our love of nature, recycling and sustainability through our fun and joyful designed ‘Plant-Beautiful’ range of plantable greeting cards and eco-friendly stationary.
We’ve gone the extra step and created our own artisan plantable seed paper which is made from recycled cotton fibres and embedded with a bee friendly botanical mix of edible wildflower and herb seeds, which once planted can be used in your everyday dishes!
Our beautiful curated collection has been created with the planet in mind, therefore everything is made right here in the UK (including our artisan seed paper!) and we teamed up with Ecologi to grow trees and reduce our carbon foot print!
How do they help reduce the negative impact on our planet?
Our core objective is to minimise the negative impact on our planet.
To achieve this, we use artisan paper makers based in the UK, who make our unique seed paper; each sheet is made one at time in small batches using traditional techniques. Our products are plastic –free and ethically sourced from UK based business to reduce our carbon footprint. We have also incorporated our love of food by choosing a selection edible plants. Our botanical blooms are not only pretty but they perfect for our bees and also have amazing benefits for us humans too!
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